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Why Not Spend Money on Cheap Android Chinese Tablets

The introduction of android tablets took the telecommunication by storm. Although a little slow in onset, the popularity of this innovation has been growing steadily since the time it was introduced. With its growing success, many companies wanted to be a part of this profitable business and

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vs. Note 2

There is little doubt that Samsung has brought about a revolution in the introduction of smart phones. It refuses to follow the conventions and have brought many innovations in the classic Smartphone production. Recently Samsung introduced a new addition in its family which is Samsung galaxy note

How to root HTC One – Step by Step Guide

The HTC One is an amazing touch screen Android smartphone developed by HTC. Due to the delay in manufacturing the release got delayed to as far as in April. But now the market value of this phone is high all around the world.  Rooting which is a process which permits the users of all

Top 5 Android External Locker Apps

If you own an android phone, you will always be interested in finding new external locker apps that can give you total control over your phone. There are so many parts of your phone that you might consider private and important. Well, it will be important to

Apple Finally Launches iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c

“OFFICIAL LAUNCH OF IPHONE 5S AND 5C” iPhone, currently the leading smartphone brand all over the world. It has been blazing the smartphone market for a very very long time. Since then, it has launched several of its IOS operating Phones. It is the leading innovation in

Samsung Galaxy s5 Concept & Rumors

With the introduction of android technology Samsung cell phones gained a very rapid popularity, especially Galaxy series. After release of Galaxy s4, in April 2013 and its rapid success, many rumors have started circulating in tech world about new Samsung Galaxy s5. Expected Release Date and distributors

How to Backup Android SMS – Beginners Guide

In today’s globalized world, where one receives hundreds of sms’ a day, some of which really hold some significant value, one really feels the extreme need for some sort of way to save these small yet sentimental pieces of one’s life. Another reason of saving these is

New Upcoming Android Phones 2013

Google earn’s strongly through the production of Android devices. It has become a major platform for cellular devices and tablet production to run them on Android systems. Apparently it seems that the production of these devices is not in a mood to slow down. People wait desperately

How to Backup Android contacts without Any App

Backing up Android contacts is essential if you want to avoid the possibility of losing your important numbers. Android makes it easy for its users to create backup of contacts through various methods and apps as well. First of all, before updating your android device it is

Samsung Galaxy s4 vs HTC One

This year there is a battle between the two popular smart phones, the Samsung galaxy 4 vs HTC one for the title of Smartphone King. The both most advanced smart phones are available with the best devices of the Android OS. They present a well-formed blend of