Best 2013 Android Games For Kids : Kids and Children are very curious about things and especially if they saw a phone or tablet in your hands then they will definitely want to grab it from you. but you can not let them play the stuff that is not good for them because of their age factor. here we are presenting some of the best games that kids will love to play and it will also educate them as well in a positive way…

Android Games For Kids 1 Best 2013 Android Games For Kids

Amazing Alex

Meet Amazing Alex! This whiz kid has a boundless imagination and a houseful of fun toys that can turn anything into an adventure!
From cleaning up his room to battling cardboard robots in his backyard, Alex creates amazing chain reactions to get the job done with the maximum amount of fun! Now he has some challenges for you — and he wants to see the most creative solutions YOU can create!
With 100 challenging levels across four fun-filled locations, there’s a whole world of creations to explore!

Color & Draw for kids

Color & Draw is a complete artistic solution for kids. As always, NO banner ads. Google Play Editor’s Choice and Featured in Google Play 2011.
It invites kids to draw and color. It has coloring pages with recorded voice invitations, custom backgrounds to draw on and more
This version now supports tablets and phones.
NEW in this version:
- 4 new coloring tools.
- the ability to draw on photos.
- new art store with more coloring pages.
Tipitap pushes the limits of traditional coloring apps harnessing the possibilities of the touch screen environments. Color & Draw boasts beautifully crafted, specially designed springboard drawings, voice recorded invitations for all drawing for children to add to or complete the drawings, a lovely color palette, multiple stroke sizes and erasers, and stickers. Kids or their parents can share their creations via email or save them to the device’s gallery.

Dinosaurs Coloring Book

Set your child’s imagination on a prehistoric journey with our Dinosaur Coloring Book. This interactive coloring book allows your child to select from a wide variety of images creating a never ending coloring book. Allow children to color their favorite dinosaurs over and over with easy to change colors allows your child to create different variations of their masterpiece. Share your child’s creation or save to your device to show their adventure later.

Game for KIDS KIDS match’em

“KIDS match’em” is a fun and addictive way to improve your and your kids’ short-term and sensory memory skills! The game was specially designed for children.
The game is probably the best of its kind on the Android Market.


Free books that read itself to your little ones! Yes the books include text and audio. We publish a new book every 2 weeks. Kids can enjoy these books on their own or you can read to them.
When we publish new books they will appear automatically in the App. All books we publish are picture books with audio.
We welcome your valuable comments and suggests. Please post your comments and suggestions, play games, puzzles and download coloring pages at

Kids Animal Piano Free

My latest game – Kids Christmas Piano – teaches your little one about Christmas songs, sounds, and objects, and characters! Great way to get into the Christmas spirit!
Thanks for making this the #1 Education App in US and Canada! Check out all the awards of this app here:
Your child or toddler will love this piano game. Ever wanted to hear a cat meow “Black Sheep”? Now you can! Guaranteed the best piano game out there!
Hilarious! Edutainment with a large serving of fun! Also completely ad-free!

Kids Connect the Dots Lite

Kids Connect the Dots Lite contains 25 images to try it out before you buy the full version.
Preschoolers really connect with our Kids Connect the Dots game. It teaches children to recognize and pronounce numbers and letters of the alphabet in a kid-friendly way.
Your child will love playing Kids Connect the Dots, and you’ll be able to relax, knowing your child is learning while having great fun.
Children tap on a series of dots that outline an animal or an object that the child usually can’t quite identify. As they tap on the dots or connect the dots, the numbers and ABC alphabet letters are pronounced. When children succeed in connecting them all, the connected dots are delightfully transformed into a colorful graphic of whatever the child has outlined. It might be a bird or muffin, a giraffe or a treasure chest.
Preschoolers are surprised and filled with wonder to see the creatures and objects they’ve created “come to life” – and want to go on to create more and more of them.
There are over 100 images in the full version for your child to enjoy.

Kids Reading (Preschool) FREE

Preschool learning games by Intellijoy are both educational and fun.
Kids Reading (Preschool) FREE (a.k.a. Kids Learn to Read) will teach you children to:
- Blend sounds into words
- Read simple words
- Form simple words
Kids Learn to Read is the 4th app in our Alphabet Curriculum Series. It is preceded by Kids ABC Letters, Kids ABC Phonics, and Kids ABC Trains.

Sandbox-Kid Lock & Family Apps

Rated the #2 Family App by Time Magazine, Famigo provides a kid phone lock that turns smartphones and tablets into safe, educational, mobile playgrounds.

Where’s My Water Free

Help Swampy by guiding water to his broken shower. Each level is a challenging physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics. Cut through dirt to guide fresh water, dirty water, toxic water, steam, and ooze through increasingly challenging scenarios! Every drop counts!

Best 2013 Android Games For Kids

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