Google Voice App For Windows Phone 8 : here are some of the great and awesome apps for Google Voice that you can use it on your Windows phone 8 device, If you want fluid Google Voice then your best bet should be MetroTalk which is the very first Windows Phone 8 app that will give you a great Google Voice experience…

Google Voice App For Windows Phone 8 2 Google Voice App For Windows Phone 8

Google Voice-App For Windows Phone 8

  • GoVoice app for Google Voice enables you to make affordable and cheap short and long distance phone calls as well you can send and receive SMS messages.
  • GoVoice also known as the Google voice is the free service which is offered by the search engine giant Google.
  • You can get voicemail and push notifications for your Google Voice text directly on the Windows Phone.
  • GoVoice app is phenomenal in itsself but However this app does need an upgrade for the app to work and run on all the windows phones.
  • windows 8 update is needed as well. As the app gets upgrade and start working on every phone then this app would be a great app out there in the market…