Google earn’s strongly through the production of Android devices. It has become a major platform for cellular devices and tablet production to run them on Android systems. Apparently it seems that the production of these devices is not in a mood to slow down. People wait desperately for the new models to arrive with some innovative features and to follow the new trend in Android systems. It’s been 24 days Google launched the new version of Android 4.1 Jellybean and obviously next version would be in the process.

Top Android Phones New Upcoming Android Phones 2013

Some of the Android based Smartphones that are awaited anxiously release are as follows.

Upcoming Android Phones List

Sony i1 

The Sony electronics are now separated from Ericsson and has launched its own well known Xperia series. Apart from Xperia there is another major release being awaited, named as Sony i1 “Honami”. It’s obvious now that the Xperia series is coming to an end and a new branding with the name of “Sony One” would begin, to which this site belongs.

This Smartphone is rumored to have a display of 1080p 5inch wide display and a mouth watering Cybershot camera of 20 mega pixels. The camera would be featured with sensors and super high resolutions. The processor would be Qualcomm snapdragon 800 and a battery capacity of 3300mA


HTC is teasing the Android lovers by delaying the launch of an outstanding Smartphone known to be as T6. It’s said to have a 2GB RAM, super large screen of 5.9 inches with Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 clocked to 2.3GHz. The sound quality would perhaps be outstanding, phone built with aluminium body and featured with ultra pixel Camera. It seems that the function of the stylus would be revived in this HTC Smartphone. The release date is not yet confirmed but it will be in the competition with Galaxy Note III.

This year’s most popular phone seems to be Galaxy S4 but Samsung is afraid to release Galaxy Note 3 this spring, that might convert all the popularity of S3 to this device. The launch of Note 3 would possibly the year’s biggest android release. The device is indicated to run on Exynos octa-core chip by Samsung. It’s sure that the device would be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800. The screen would be super AMOLED with 1080p and is know to have a screen as large as 5.6 inches. Another interesting possibility of Note 3 could be a brand new type of Smartphone camera, something unique. There could be 3x optical zoom and an active image stabilization camera of 13MP. It would be featured with Stylus same as the previous Note 2 and is rumored to hit the market in September.


Another hit of this year is expected from Google’s Nexus that’s Nexus Season. It’s unlikely that LG would be the manufacturer. This device may not have any new feature except OEM interference to the previous but one thing is sure, the hardware and design would be new and classy. This would soon be released to play store that will hold the price range of $300 to $350. This Spring there would be an interesting choice and wide variety to select the phone from such master piece devices, so it’s better to wait a month more before purchasing a new device right now.