The introduction of android tablets took the telecommunication by storm. Although a little slow in onset, the popularity of this innovation has been growing steadily since the time it was introduced. With its growing success, many companies wanted to be a part of this profitable business and thus an array of android tablets were introduced in the market. Amongst these are the Chinese tablets.

china tab Why Not Spend Money on Cheap Android Chinese Tablets

A number of Chinese companies including Hyundai, pipo and Ramos introduced their brand of android tablets in the market. Perhaps a major reason they were able to stay in business when many companies failed to make significant impression is that they offer the tablets at much lower rates as compared to their western counterparts.

However, it is often seen that when in aspect of a product is glorified, it is lacking in some other area. The situation with cheap Chinese android tablet is no different. Although it comes at a much lower cost, there are several reasons to be wary of it and think carefully before using your money to buy this product.

Is a Chinese android tablet an appropriate choice?

If you are thinking about purchasing a Chinese android tablet, you need to take a minute to ponder over certain things which would decide if your decision is apt. there are several areas in which, unfortunately the Chinese android tablets are significantly behind than their western competitors.

Lack of reliability and quality

It is not uncommon when a price of a product is reduced, it reflects on the quality. Chinese android tablets are no exceptions. They are extremely fragile phones which often come without warranty which means that if you drop your phone accidentally or your phone is somehow damaged, there is little chance of it getting repaired resulting in waste of your money.

Absence of originality

These tablets lack innovation and originality as they have ended up using designs of other popular phones. Most of the designs are stolen. This does not give a very good reflect of their credibility.

Illegal software

Many of the introduced tablets are not accompanied properly licensed and official software from Google which means they are illegally made. This leaves the software extremely exposed to viruses and lacks the functionality of the official ones and affecting the performance

No play store

As these tablets lack official software, they do not have access to play stores. This means that downloading your favorable apps will be a path filled with obstacles and difficulty.

Furthermore, there will be no updates of the software

Compromise on performance

You will have to bear the brunt of low RAMs and underage processors of these phones. The performance is severely affected and the touch is not very sensitive. The batteries of these phones also tend to die out pretty soon. The quality of cameras is also questionable.

Resale difficulty

This tablet will not prove to be an easy sale. You will not find many buyers who are willing to purchase a secondhand Chinese tablet and the money you will get out of this trade will turn out to be measly.


Money investment in any product should be made will great caution. If you purchase products at lower rates but compromise on quality, you will end up regretting as your money might go down the drain. Expensive phones might be a little heavy on your pocket but they support you in the long run.

Thus do not spend money on cheap Chinese android tablets. It is not a good decision,